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The 2019 election for Sheriff in Rapides Parish is an important and critical event for our community. We must replace retiring Sheriff William Earl Hilton, true law enforcement professional.

For the past 20 years, I have served in the Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office. During my last years there, I attained the rank of Major in charge of the Enforcement Division. In this position, I was responsible for much of the real law enforcement operations of your Sheriff’s Office; patrol officers and patrols, the D.A.R.E. Program, our school safety officers, and the Reserve Deputy Program. I am also a member of the Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office SWAT Team as well as the Violent Crime and Narcotics Taskforce, Louisiana Sheriff’s Association.

I have since left my job in the Sheriff’s Office to run in this election. I did not want to campaign while on the public’s payroll!

As a result of this management experience, I am ready to be your Sheriff.


I will be your security Sheriff.

Please continue to read this website. You will find my top 3 priorities: better training, expansion of substations, and reordering resources to put more patrols on our streets and roads. You will also discover my background and training. Finally, you will get to know me and my family.

I love serving the people of Rapides Parish. I want to continue as YOUR SECURITY SHERIFF.

I humbly ask for your support and vote!


Help Mark Become Your Security Sheriff


Mark Wood, former Major in the Rapides Sheriff’s Office, strongly believes in the constant training of our Sheriff’s Office personnel. Why?

Mark Wood knows criminals innovate and change their tactics quickly in order to pursue criminal activity. Mark knows our law enforcement must stay as up to date as the criminals. It’s just this simple.

Mark Wood, over his 20 year career, has received extensive law enforcement training. Take a look at just some of Mark’s training highlights:

  • 2006 Narcotic Officer of the Year, Louisiana Narcotics Officer Association

  • Customized NCIC Training Program, FBI

  • Louisiana Criminal Code Search and Seizure Certification Update, United States Attorney’s Office

  • Law Enforcement Prevention and Deterrence of Terrorist Acts

  • Field Test Training, US Drug Enforcement Administration

  • Narcotics Taskforce Anti-Terrorism Training

  • FBI Instructor Development Course

  • Trained extensively in numerous weapons proficiency

  • Yearly Re-Certification Training, Firearms and Criminal Law

  • Incident Response to Terrorist Bombing Training, New Mexico Tech

  • Tactical Procurement Conference

  • Intermediate Special Response Training, USMS Special Operations Group

  • ODV Narcotics Identification Certification

  • Rave Culture Drug Seminar

  • Street Survival School

  • Executive Management Course, US Department of Justice and FBI, Improvised Explosive Device Unit and Police Discipline and Management

  • United States Marshal Service, Operation Falcon III

  • National Incident Management System Certification

  • Weapons of Mass Destruction Tactical Operations

  • Southern Anti-Terrorist Regional Training Academy on NARCO Terrorism

  • Regional Counter Drug Training Academy Basic Narcotics Investigations

  • School Shooting Scenario, Louisiana Dept. of Education

  • Clandestine Laboratory First Responder Training Certification


This is to cite a few of Mark Wood’s commitment to training… As YOUR security Sheriff, Mark Wood will work to get all of our deputies on the cutting edge of Law Enforcement through aggressive training programs!

Join Mark’s Team Today

The security of the people of Rapides Parish will be Mark Wood’s FIRST priority as our Sheriff!

Mark Wood is not only known as an outstanding and dedicated law enforcement professional he’s also known as a person who cares about other people especially our families.

Mark has dedicated himself to helping others. During Hurricane Rita, Mark was involved with Cameron Parish patrol helping to provide security to and escort evacuation residents to and from their devastated homes.

During Hurricane Katrina, Mark served on the Rapides Sheriff’s Office SWAT team in New Orleans as well as assisting in the coordination of shelter security in acquiring mission specific equipment for the Katrina Mission.

Mark served in similar efforts for Hurricane Lilly.

In short, Mark Wood is committed to our people, protecting their lives and property, and insuring their security.

As your Sheriff, Mark’s priorities will help to change and improve our Sheriff’s Office…

More Patrols on Our Streets

Restructure the resources of the Sheriff’s Office to PUT MORE PATROLS ON OUR STREETS AND ROADS…make law enforcement quick and accessible to every citizen so security is insured.

Protect and Expand Substations

Mark will work to protect all substations of the Sheriff’s Office to make law enforcement quickly accessible including a new substation at Hineston.

Training... Training... Training...

Mark Wood will be a Sheriff totally dedicated to seeing our deputies and Sheriff personnel are trained in the latest law
enforcement techniques and procedures. Criminals change constantly, law enforcement must change just as quickly.